I get a popup message stating "Roblox has timed out, please restart your client" when trying to connect to any game

I just ran into this issue. Likely because starlink has an inconsistent connection at random times (limitation of the technology). I play for about 15 minutes or less and then get timed out. Restarting my client at this point in the game would mean that I lose all of my progress. It has gotten to the point that I rarely play roblox anymore partly due to these random crashes and bugs.

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The issue for me seems to have been resolved with the last update.

We have added a speculative fix; please report in this thread if the issue reappears.

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Still happening, got it twice now. Now doesn’t always happen immediately when joining the game, played for about 5-10 minutes and still times out.

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Hi, this error still occurs for me. I don’t know why it happens, appears to be random, but it somewhat puts me off playing roblox. :frowning:



after snooping around for a bit, most of these issues are solved after removing the oculus or some form of VR software from their computers. Now I’m not exactly the brightest, but could one of the major if not all issues stem from the implementation of VR to Roblox?

We managed to drastically reduce the number of timeouts. Please post in this thread if you are still experiencing timeout issues with the latest build.

I resolved the issue by upgrading the server’s gfx card from an old nvidia quadro, to a gtx 1050 ti xD

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Nope, app still crashes. I don’t particularily want to remove the oculus software from my pc either, so I guess I need to stick with the microsoft store app, which for some reason lets your mouse hover over to other monitors while changing the camera angle. Hope either of these are fixed soon, thanks.

Ive found it that its due to older graphics drivers. After i upgraded from an old nvidia Quadro, to a gtx 1060 TI, the issue went away.

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