I got a DMCA strike for somthing I did not make

I got banned for 3 days because of a DMCA strike. I messaged roblox about why I got banned and they replyed with a roblox catalog link. But it saids that I got striked from Adidas. I never in roblox made an Adidas shirt. So I dont understand why I got copyrighted from a shirt named Adidas (Note im just assuming I made an Adidas item without there permission.) But i never done this so im very confused. Can sombody tell me how I can remove this strike? I probally got hacked and sombody uploaded it on my account. The item that got copyrighted is this: Catalog - Roblox

Also I forgot to mention. Dont you get 3 strikes before termination? If so, I dont understand why I got a “Last warning” on the moderation note because this is the first time it happened.

I also managed to find the Asset from my freind in catalog avatar creator and got this and its not owned my me.

So did they not send you the link to the specifiq item?

They did, but the link just redirects you to the catalog page.

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Welp, then send them a mail that they should send you the corresponding asset. In the case you still want to contest, then you may wanna read this:

Im pretty sure that count-notice just puts the item on-sale again. I dont want the item to get back on sale I just want roblox to note that I wasent the one who uploaded it.

Well but you dont know which item they are reffering to, right?

I dont know what item there reffering to, but because of other peoples experience with Adidas im pretty sure its a shirt sombody added on my account with the Adidas logo.

Also if you want ‘view’ the item then heres a link but it will most likly just redirect you to the catalog.

Well then will out the counter-notize with telling them the situation. When it goes to DMCA claims, Roblox mostly doesnt use repetetive bots (hopefully/in my experience)

Ok thank you, Ill try to file one later when I have time

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