I got a really sussy error

Greetings! I am making a World Record system, and I got one of the most sus errors I
have ever seen:

And in this code, I am trying to use this. WorldRecords is an OrderedDataStore.

ReplicatedStorage.WorldRecord.SetWorldRecord.Event:Connect(function(Player, Time)
	WorldRecords:SetAsync(Player.UserID, Time) -- Error happens here.

And on another ServerScript, I am passing Player, and the time in seconds the player has gotten.

ReplicatedStorage.WorldRecord.SetWorldRecord:Fire(Player, TimeTrialsValue)

Would appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance!

That is not how BindableEvents work. This is all server based, and you need to tell the BindableEvent what exactly you need.

I think it’s UserId and not UserID. See if that makes a difference.


The error is Player.UserId not UserID.