I got a warning for this image but i not sure where it break TOS?

I make appeal but they refused to help me, the number and image on this are both fake but they still saying its still break TOS, if someone can help me know why since everythings on this image is fake and didnt exist? (I made it for my city showcase for increase realism on game.)

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Is the picture you got in commercial use? If yes then it may be because of the phone number

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The picture i made for my game since i made a showcase of one city but its generated by one AI is just for showcase not commercial use, but i read about number if you put 555 at start its fictional and used on movies too?!, but same if i appeal they refused and still saying is against TOS but its fake.

Roblox very likely won’t know or doesn’t care if the phone number is fake.

I just tryed to explain them is fictional the number on image but they still acting like i break TOS where i didnt, the rule i break for them is the seguent - giving pii, but problem the number on image is fake so i didnt break this rule in theory, its prove me how the Roblox Moderation is worst for give a warning to someone didnt break any rule.

Yeah but still unfair getting a warning for something fake.

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I think its cuz of number. Or maybe house picture (maybe its real house and etc)

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Just don’t post a number? Roblox won’t ever do all the effort to check if a potential PII is real or not. Imagine someone posts an image with your phone number saying “it’s not real, believe me”… Roblox wouldn’t ever be able to verify all the possible scenarios.

// EDIT: Also, saying “I need someone more professional of the staff to review it” is pretty rude. Just think for a second about why they would not allow even fake ads. Too much room for scammers and bad people.

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No no the house is generated by AI, at end i found out was the number but i learn a thing from now, next time i need upload one image i would use another account and wont ruin my main account.

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lol, girl you so smart- why you dont sayed it before :sob::sob::sob::sob: i ( got banned for pictures like 3 times)

Maybe YOU made up the phone number, but it’s actually a real phone number somewhere.

Have you tried calling the number you made up, to see if it’s actually fake?

Edit: 555 numbers are reserved for Movies and Television, and I think are actually functional.

You could change the number to “123-45678” so they would easily reconize it’s fake