I got banned of uploading some UK Railway Signs

I was uploading some “British Rail No Entry Signs” recently and I have no idea why I would get banned from that.
I really need that for my game so is there any way that I can get rid of it or any way I can prevent it moderated? Thanks!!



Try changing the color of a few pixels on the image. Try lowering the contrast and decreasing the saturation.

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From my experience if an image gets falsely moderated contacting roblox support will get it unmoderated.


Via the devforum, you can message the @Mod_Review_Requests group to request that your assets are re-reviewed. Message the entire group, link the moderated assets, and keep your message concise and to the point. Generally just explain what it is.


I would remove in both pics, the arm that is sticking forwards… to a program that looks like it could be something else.

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Yea I did they just said

After reviewing all the available evidence the consequence for this conduct will not be adjusted.

then no reply anymore whatever how I sent emails to them

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I may do that later. Thanks for that!!

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