I got renamed to Player in-game

I just joined a random game (this one in specific: WIP - Roblox) and this happened:


In-chat I’m still ScriptOn though



Are you sure the owner hasn’t added some sort of script against “emploees” on roblox.
As i don’t get renamed when i join the game.

You can’t rename Players in-game and I don’t think he recreated the entire GUI to trick people since he’s a new dev from what I can tell.

Then i guess your just lucky finding some random bug xD

Was your character named Player as well, or was it only the playerlist? Or did you character even load in?

I had this happen last week in Speed Run 4. It went away after I teleported to a different place within the game. Character outfit loaded just fine.

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What about your character name?

I’m not sure. It just said I was “Player” on the leaderboard, and it was like 2:00 AM so I assumed it was some maintenance issue and didn’t look into it more.

This happened to me too last night on my own game. I was using my tablet.

This is because the player object doesn’t have it’s name set in the first frame the corescripts run in, it is set in the second frame. This is not normally a problem because the playerlist usually yields before using the player’s name. Not sure what is going on in this specific case, but I think we can change this so that the players name is set for the first frame.


Out of curiosity, is this the same problem that has always caused test players to appear as “Player”? Example:

Player is really Player2. Player1’s CoreGui show it as Player and Player2 as Player2.

Yes, this is the same issue. What the code does is basically:

  • Create player with default name (“Player”).
  • Add player to Players and fire PlayerAdded.
  • Set name of player.

Just swapping steps two and three will fix this, requires a little refactoring but there is no downside.


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