I had a burst of motivation to make a model

Hello, good day to you.
I had a burst of motivation to do some building and decided to make something I like.
So I made a skelecog head from toontown online!
Down below is the image I used for reference:
This was what I ended up with,
I would like some feedback, by the way, no blender was involved in this, for the hat I took a mesh from the library and stretched it, and for the cones I used Model Creator’s important mesh pack
Please give feedback! Build time was roughly 30 minutes.


Looks cool, the green light bulbs are a bit more pointed, though it looks epic especially it being done only in studio.

Looking from the actual thing, everything on top of his mouth would be smaller. This is still pretty cool, nice job.

It’s a bit differcult to see if it is already but I would say perhaps rotate the Skelecog’s eyes, other than that I’d say it perfect, Great job :ok_hand: