I had trouble accessing Roblox studio for a month but it's resolved!

Hello there.

So I came across with an issue on Roblox studio and whenever you open Roblox studio you get greeted with this error message which was Roblox’s issue.

However I did manage to get access to Roblox studio by running Roblox studio as administrator, however as an active developer, this got annoying after a while, whilst I had to click another set of options. A month later of dealing with Roblox studio being hard to access, I browsed the local files and I found the file “RobloxStudioBeta.exe” would open Roblox and the file “RobloxStudioLauncher.exe” would keep on asking me to run Roblox as administrator which was the one that didn’t work effectively. So my decision at the time is to swap the file names around and it actually worked, until I restarted my PC just to find out that my Roblox studio local files got corrupted, it looked like something like this:

After running into this issue I looked up YouTube videos of how to fix the issue just to find out that those solutions didn’t work, I’ve even tried reinstalling the whole of Roblox which surprisingly kept some of the corrupted local files, however I made my own solution up by manually deleting Roblox’s local files from my PC, I restarted my pc, reinstalled Roblox and then I finally could boot up Roblox studio client normally, I found out that I fixed the issue of what happened that I had to deal with for a month.

If you ever decide deleting Roblox from your local files, when either your facing both of those issues, be careful of what you delete in your local files since it could be vital for your computers operating system, if some important files was deleted by mistake, this may make your machine unusable unless the operating system is reinstalled.

Anyway all I want to know if anyone else had this issue and to see how this issue are actually causing developers problems.

So feel free to reply, don’t mess with your local files on Roblox studio!

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To fix this issue, uninstall Roblox. Then, reinstall it without administrator privileges. If Roblox ever asks you for administrator privileges, say “No”.

This advice is outdated. Windows now has a permission system since Windows Vista. You can delete your whole C: drive, but it will say “Access Denied”. However, you should be careful of the registry. Feel free to delete any file in the Roblox app data folder, granted it will break studio, but of course, you can always reinstall it.

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Thank you, I’m still new to devform.

Yes you might be true whilst that advice is outdated but there could be that slim chance of something actually happening if the local files are messed with.

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