I have a few builds to ask feedback on

Today I did some builds, and I wouldn’t put one poll because according to my calculations it reduces the chance of getting actual feedback :nerd_face: but you can provide your feedback for improvements, or like the post if you find it cool. I did make the sign using my own steps from that ikea post I made on a previous account, Here is the link. but this isn’t posted in the #waywoc posts because I did ask a question regarding feedback and #waywoc. I have no plans to add interiors because it might add up a ton of parts and I do not want to ruin performance for players

1. “L’Eliott Cafe”

Basically it’s based on Cafe De La Paix which is a French Turkish cafe. I took the reference from Marina Mall which is a old but large mall at Abu Dhabi which is at an island, Here is the specific reference image if you are curious

I wouldn’t put in a different script since French uses the Latin script, which is the same script that English uses but I didn’t put door handles, and I know it is bland, but I did take the design from @fivefactor’s Interface Tools plugin

2. Oofy Cuisine

It is based on L’eto which is a british cafe despite having the french prefix L', Here is the reference image if you are curious


I am lazy to make the colors diffrentiate but It does use google colors [the colors of the google logo], It is very detailed [which does not look like it in the picture but it actually is], and it is just the side, I don’t know what to design for the entrance since I don’t think I could find the entrance design of the L’eto store in The Gallerie

3. G’ayir Kafiyah

It is the Uzbek [O’zbekcha or O’zbek tili] transliteration of the arabic غير كافيه, It is based on House of Joud Fish & Co in Yas Mall, Here is what it looks like:

Old Reference

anyways it is bland, probably the blandest out of them all, but I know the doors look a little weird because it’s how blender tools work, so ask the Blender team why it is like that, I do feel like I should’ve took a reference from a different restarant inside my hometown or in Dubai… Might change it anytime
This build is now more detailed I guess, Might have to make the pattern part closer to the wall so I could make it better, anyways Uzbek is oftentimes written in latin so I won’t put it in the Cyrillic script,

Old Image

also my face feels like a tomato and it’s like 1:50 AM [in UTC +4] while writing this, so I hope you enjoy my builds :blush:

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These builds look nice! Good job on them!

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Originally the last one looked bad in my opinion but I made it better I guess

you can drop your feedback on this, might edit the post on the meanwhile

There’s nothing to differentiate the text from the frames for the third, it’s too blended in. You could also maybe add more details such as posters and unique shop titles (change of fonts, maybe make some yourself etc.)