I have an huge issue while making a door!

I want to make a fully functional hinge door that has 6 small windows, I’m using them for my showcase that I’m currently working on:

But I ran into an issue where I tried to use glue or weld surface in the windows of the door, but I make it unanchored so the door will work with hinges, but the windows from the door dropped and it was very unfortunate that I couldn’t find any help from Roblox Developer Wiki

I tried anchoring the window of the door but the door is stuck and not working and find any tools in the Roblox Studio and I got no luck finding it, I just needed help and I didn’t even get a response for days.

You need to make a Union with the door and the windows, otherwise just weld the windows to the door.

You have to make Union with door same as @TheTurtleMaster_2 Said.

i dont know how to weld though and also i tried union with the door and the windows but it turns my door into glass

Problem is unions can cause lag if you rely on them too much, possibly use meshes?

Ok here’s a Deal! I will join your game and help you out

@MmadProgrammer Good idea try that! awyuxuanremix

to join, this game is only in my roblox development group, DCrystal IRD, 2nd step that the place is Legion City Showcase

There exists many plugins to weld objects, if you don’t want any plugin then you should watch something like youtube/google to find out.

Yeah that could Help you out search it up @awyuxuanremix

i couldn’t find it, i search deep further

Tell me what you are Searching I can use the Dark web or a Deep Searcher.

roblox how to make a door with windows

what plugin name is it and i couldn’t find any online

There’s an icon in the top toolbar (Model tab) in Studio for Constraints titled “Create”. There is a Weld tool there.
Click the “Show Welds” button next to it
First I’d make the glass all one single Part, just slightly smaller than the Union (about .02 studs smaller so it doesn’t appear in the sides of the door) and make it CanCollide True. Make your Union CanCollide False.
Select the Weld tool from the drop down list, then click on the Union, then click on the glass.


Also I made this while someone else was wondering about door scripted movement. You can see I just welded the doorknob parts to it, but it also shows the HingeConstraints set to Servo mode to make it open and close:

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