I have few questions about skinned mesh features for my ship

I was still figuring out how to get my ship to be rigged but I’m unsure if bones can be move away from the other bones like stretch or squish… is it possible to do that?

Here some of pictures of what I made for my upcoming project.


Yes, you can stretch/squish with skinned meshes. The areas that stretch must be weighted to both bones. If 2 different parts share the same location, they need to have the same weights, or separation will occur.


Ah okay I was put like 100% weights on the landing gear rods and bases bones so it will be move separate meshes without have to join meshes to meshes but for the jet engine meshes (yellow half transparent) can be animate that able to scale it with bones?

Absolutely! I would start with the vertices that touch the ship. You want those to be 100% ship. The tip, 100% flame bone. Then scale in between the two.

If it stretches in blender, it will stretch in Roblox. So do a lot of testing

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Oh I don’t know that! But do you have any examples of that scale animation Before I attempt to do it in blender?



In order to stretch, the bones need to be disconnected but properly parented. just moving the neck is no good if the ears dont follow.

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That’s perfect but it work on Roblox?

Scaling is something that is supposed to be available in a future update, as I recall, but stretching is in game now.

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I see but thank you for clear explain.

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