I have made the Star Platinum Face To my game!

a star platinum decal
But I have made this decal on paint3D, someone have a idea to where i can made decals to roblox?

what kind of monstrosity have you brought upon this cursed world


Upload it there.

since you are a designer ui could you show me where you can make the arts and export to roblox?

I personally just use Roblox studio for most things. Although for icons, and other UI elements, I use a program called Gravit Designer. designer.io. To import images, you can use one of two methods.

Method 1:
Go into the view tab and open “Asset Manager”

Make sure your game is published. (it doesn’t need to be public)

And then press this button and choose the image you want to upload

Method 2:
Go to the link I posted above here if you need it

Press choose file. Then choose your image and then press upload.

To put it in roblox:

If you want to put it in your 3d environment:

Insert a part:

Press the + button and search for decal. Then press it.

click the side you want to put the decal on.

Then in the URL of the image you uploaded, get the number in the URL and copy it.

Finally in the properties tab, with the decal selected, paste in the ID into the texture tab.

You can then scale the part to make it how you want :smiley:

If you want to use the image you uploaded in the asset manager, just click the texture field and click it.

Hope this helps. Ask me for anything else you need help with.