I have no motivation

So, I’m writing this post because, quite a lot of times, I end up starting a project, and just losing myself in it, losing total motivation, even if its going in the right direction, and people seem to enjoy how the project is looking so far. I can’t seem to focus in development a lot of the times I’m working. I have this super nice phase where I have a ton of things I want to do, I end up doing some of them, and just lose total motivation in keeping at it.

I wanted to know if anyone here experiences the same, and if they do, how do they cope with this annoying feeling of not being able to work because you just can’t seem to want it.

Some people have told me that I just have to push through and work on the project even if its tedious or boring, but then I feel like I’m just doing a chore. Others have told me that maybe I’m not working on a project I actually enjoy (even though I do most of the times).
I don’t know if this could just be me as a person (I tend to not finish playing games, I just forget about them and move on to the next), or if its something that other people also experience, which I’m assuming they do.

I’m currently working on a game I’ve been enjoying making, I like the art style, I like the lore and overall story, I like how its getting together, but after working on it for a bit, I just feel like I can’t work on it.

Sorry if this isn’t the right category to put this in, or the right place at all, I just want some help with figuring out ways I can keep myself focused and motivated as a developer.

Thank you for reading!


You are not “enjoying” a project if you keep losing motivation in it. Quit roblox studio temporarily, watch some videos, get inspiration, then come back after some time.


When I start feeling demotivated to work on my current project, I take a break and look back at older projects that once excited me. When i lose interest in those, I switch back to the current project. The cycle repeats!

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Elon Musk said: “If you need motivation to do something, don’t do it.”


When I do that, I normally end up forgetting about the project and just start drifting from it. I guess it wouldn’t be a super bad thing, since I might come to the project with a different line of thinking. This happened a lot to me when drawing, seeing with I could’ve done differently. But I guess breaks are a thing I should consider more, I tend to just, hyper fixate on the project too, I should probably manage that. Thank you!

Well, I think the quote itself is pretty nice and it does make sense, if you’re not enjoying making something and need motivation to do it, then maybe you’re doing the wrong thing. But at the same time, a lot of people that work their own 9-5 jobs probably don’t have motivation to do it, but they have to… To be fair, I guess taking development as a 9-5 could also help, having a schedule, breaks and consistent hours could make a difference on how I approach development. Right now its mostly a fun little thing, but I did intend to take it further to help with bills and what not, so maybe I’m just looking at development itself wrong too?

I do actually do this occasionally, but mostly to reflect on what I did wrong/poorly before. Its also a nice way to see how much I’ve improved, which to be fair gets me happy that I keep working on stuff, so maybe I should do that more, thank you!

Think of your Motivation and energy as a stamina bar. When you come up with a new project or idea take it slow
If you suddenly come up with a great idea and spend 5+ hours on it for a couple days you will overuse all the energy and motivation you have leaving you with none left.
So in short Take it slowly instead of spending all your motivation and energy right then and there.

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That’s actually kind of a funny analogy hahahaha I like it. Yeah I should probably take it slow, I tend to just work a lot in a short amount of time and I just burn myself out instantly. Thank you!

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Good thinking. But personally, I don’t think those working a job need motivation. All they have to do is look at their rent or grocery bills and will know that not working results in misery. Motivation isn’t needed when it becomes an obligation. But here, since you’re not financially restricted to Roblox, if you can’t find sound reasons why to continue, just don’t. Your time is valuable and you should find things that you are profoundly attached to, without needing external motivation.


Do better, try harder -Everyone

This is a joke

It’s common to experience fluctuations in motivation while working on projects, but finding strategies to maintain focus and enthusiasm can help keep you on track.

my advice to you is start making UGCs, i made 50k robux in 8 days so far

Cool advice, but I’m not really looking to make UGC’s, I’m looking more into actual game development. As good as 50k Robux in 8 days sounds, game pull a lot more, in a shorter amount of time. Games just need more dedication and are in my opinion more fun to make.

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Yeah, that’s probably the best way you can keep on at it. I’ve been trying to keep a note down on what I need to do/want to do, and keep a balance on those.

Same, but something can eventually come up it just takes some time.

Yes this is true, a good game can pull in loads of bux. I used to have motivation to try learning LUA a few ago, then i just stopped. But recently I regained motivation and really want to continue learning more.

I suggest you do, its a pretty easy language when you get to it!

Where do you think I should start? What personally helped you best ?

Hard to say, there’s a bit of tutorials on YouTube that could really help you starting, reading the API also works. Something that helped me was just thinking of things I wanted to do, and try to do them. Research the dev forums a lot for problems, 95% of the time, whatever problem you’re having, someone else already had it and made a post about it.

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