I have some important questions for Roblox Copyright Strikes

Firstly, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask these questions, I couldn’t really find a good place.

Important Context:

After investigating, 7+ years ago I joined a clothing group (under a customer rank) because a friend was in it at the time. Fast forward 7 years I forgot I was in it and honestly forgot groups existed, let alone if I was ever given any permissions from then till now.

I was still appointed as customer when I left yesterday, but apparently was considered as an owner as per what Roblox told me. (I’m guessing some kind of admin permissions were given to me in those 7 years I hadn’t attended the group)

Yesterday I log on to a sudden copyright strike added to my account, and an email that told me as the creator of the group or uploader of the clothing, an item was taken down and a strike added to my account.

I assume that at some point over the years I was given permissions to upload and take funds without me knowing. I couldn’t get a picture because in my panic’d actions I left the account before realizing I should screenshot these things. I could’ve sworn I only saw my rank as just a Customer. And on the uploader side, I have never uploaded clothing to that group. if I did I have no memory of it, no transaction history of it, and after looking through my creations tab after leaving the group I couldn’t find anything related so I doubt that’s the case.

They advised that I archive any and all content I’ve uploaded that would be considered copyright, and that’s what I did. Immediately out of panic I left every group I was in, I deleted over 70% of all my avatar items that were related to groups, and removed every item I had ever uploaded to the store via what I saw on the Creations tab. (I have no ability to archive them, but would if I knew how)

I only owned around 40 (purchased) avatar items from groups (Edit: I said 60 before but forgot some were Roblox uploads that looked like group uploads). This action was completely out of fear, so I’m sure only 10% of the items could’ve been considered but I don’t want a 12+ year old account to be deleted, especially over something that I wasn’t aware happened 7+ years ago.
I’d also like to add that I haven’t purchased any avatar items in 5 years. (though it also doesn’t matter lol)

After this I tried to plead my case, but to no avail. I then attempted to join their remediation program, but was met with an email with no link to how it works, and so I have no idea if I passed or not.

Here are my questions:

First, the strikes.
How do the strikes work on Roblox?
Do they remove overtime or are they permanent?
How many do I need before account bans and deletion occur?

Second, the remediation program.
What do I need to do after requesting to join it?
Is there a course of sorts or is it an automated service that goes through my account? I am very confused on that matter.

Lastly, potential strikes.
After leaving the group and deleting all items I own from it, as well as my transaction history reflecting no Robux made from it, nor have I uploaded any of the items in it, am I still liable to copyright strikes on items in it?
Will reporting the group in an effort to get it deleted alongside it’s items affect me because I used to be in it? If no then I’ll do that right away.

Is there any other action I can take to prevent further strikes being added?
I know nothing on how Roblox handles these cases, but I do know that people have run into problems with companies that run these strikes or bans off a queue, and even after dealing with/resolving one, another could be on it’s way regardless of the resolution because it was still sitting in the queue while that happened. Can this affect me? Or does Roblox operate differently?

  1. Well, roblox moderation checks your asset for any neglectic pictures or nsfw content, if they found anything that crosses their rules, they give you a strike.
  2. Strikes are permanent. With time, they do not delete.
  3. You need 3 strikes for your account to get deleted.

other questions i don’t have the answers to.


I would also like to know how to address/delete copyrighted material from my account. I’ve been given multiple strikes for stuff uploaded 6 - 10+ years ago such as old decals, models, or clothing. In the strike messages they reference being able to archive said assets, but the link for the help article in the message doesn’t work.

There’s also no way to archive assets that I could find on the site, so am I’m just left getting strikes I can’t do anything about for stuff uploaded years ago?

So stupid, I wish it was like YouTube where the strikes do expire

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