I just asking, how to make curved/ 3d ish screen gui?

so i want to ask if it possible to make this kind of gui on roblox
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-30 at 09.21.14

Not sure if you can do the curved part, but you could probably achieve this by putting a part in front of the camera, orienting it like so, and sticking a surface gui on it.

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yea im thinking doing that, but idk how to make it more simple. thx for the answer

Yeah, put parts into an arrangement, SurfaceGuis on the face facing the camera, text buttons in the SurfaceGuis that are clickable, you could add UICorners to the buttons to add curved corners and whatnot

thx for the answer, yea looks like its not possible for now to make the simple ver of this. yea i can stick part infront of camera. but that may cause performance issues

You could optimize it by putting the parts into a viewportframe inside of a screengui in the player’s playergui

ahh, good idea. ima put this into solution. thx again for the answer

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but i have another problem, sorry. if you use surfacegui the gui looks low quality