I just got back on to UI design, any feedbacks for this GUI?

I just got back on to UI design, and I am making my own obby game. I would like feedback, here is the UI:


This looks like you used textscaled, I would just change the size of the text instead of using textscaled. Try using Uigradient for the Uis and Uistrokes!


Alright! The output is actually amazing.


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Try making the background transparency 0.5 then add a black UIstroke.

What is a UI stroke tho? I’m really new to this.

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Oh wait. Yeah, thank you! It’s exactly what I wanted.

They are just like boarders for the Uis


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Ohhh. Well, it’s kinda still beautiful.

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i dont know how to say this but, WHY IS THE X NOT CENTERED

It is centered? The x is legit at the side of the gui.

It looks like the x and check mark both are up to high and aren’t centered. Otherwise it’s good.

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its like up a little bit (((((((

I would make it more colorful maybe. The checkmark green maybe.

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Either have the checkmark and X completely go out the button or make the distance between the top and bottom of the symbol equal. It will make it look more natural


I think you should make the X and the checkmark smaller so it looks like they fit more into the button.

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Make the checkmark green and maybe make the X and the checkmark sized better.


I highly recommend the use of UIPadding to fix the Centering issue on the X and Check Mark.

For the gradient of the text, you should use a UIGradient with Greyscale colors only, that way you can set the text color and that text color will adapt to look like a darker shade of that color to a lighter one. Also set the rotation of the UIGradient to -90 degrees, it will make the gradient transition from bottom to top. This makes UI look quite clean IMO.

Also try to make the UI more appropriate in places? I don’t mean like mature content, what I mean is for buttons like the Check and X, maybe circles? Or maybe solid aspect ratio squares?

That’s all I can say.