I just loss all the scripts of my game help me

not only, also some save i did by myself here and there

There is no way a separate local file could’ve been overwritten like that, it has to be a studio issue. Even if something had bugged out when committing those scripts, it’s impossible for studio to have those other saves indexed and overwritten.

I guess it’s not impossible. I have no clue what happened with thoses files

Maybe as the scripts weren’t committed, the auto save and local saves are empty in script? I have no clue

That means you wrote 3500 lines of code without saving? Unlikely. I didn’t want to ask this for obvious reasons, but as a last ditch effort, would you be comfortable providing the corrupted file like Operatik said?

I mean, i just saved the place every day on roblox studio, i had the autosave, and sometimes i saved local saves. But when i tried to update the game i had this message error, saying some stuffs in Drafts were impossible to commit. So i went to the drafts i deleted all files in draft (stupidly), and everything was empty immediatly. Then i opened last autosave, everything was empty, then previous version then local saves etc… The scripts in the file are 100% empty confirmed by Yosa

That makes a lot more sense. To my knowledge drafts are stored locally. I’m sorry, but it’s likely your script is gone. This is outside my area of expertise.

Yes i think so. Thank you for your help, at least it will be a lesson for me :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have to rely on your version history. In this case it may be your only hope. From now on, every time you make a significant change in your program you then save it to a new save name exp: MyProgram_001, MyProgram_002, MyProgram_003. The name you save under is not the name of the game/program. This is a hard lesson to learn. If you load up an older file version (even from the history) you can then save it to the game you are working on … So, if you save what you have now. Trying a older version from the history can be set as the program just as easy as setting the save you just made to the program.

are they in your recycle bin ?

I think there’s a roblox extension that allows you to do that since my friend is able to download versions and he uses extensions.

Dont you have the game saved as a rbxl file in your computer?
If you do then try opening it from there

There are free data recovery tools that can sometimes restore deleted files from the hard drive

I’d suggest reading through the prior discussion before replying, local copies and even autosaves have been looked through.

They do make programs that can do this. However it is really dependent on you not overwriting that spot with something else. So it’s something you need to try right away without saving to the hard drive with something else.