I just made a very basic admin command system if anyone would like to give some feedback on it

I began development on this about 2 days ago and finished it today. It works pretty good, despite the fact that you can’t say things like “;sword me”. You would have to do something like “;sword SpacePuppy2.” Although, uppercase and lowercase does not matter. I’m currently working on a system where it can shorten the names, so you can say things like “;sword space” and so on.

Here is the model, if you would like to know how to set it up I can explain how.

Can u provide us with some pics?

Of course. Sorry for such a late response, when I posted this I got off the dev forum for a bit and I wasn’t able to get on the dev forum much at all today. Here are some pictures of the UI:
Welcome tab / info tab:

Commands tab (:cmds)

Chat Logs:

Seems like a good admin panel, I don’t really like the Gui though