I just made my background picture!

Hey guys, I just made this as my background picture, what do you think of it?

Guys, Dummy had a hard day at work, I think he needs some time.


It’s not that bad,

but the lighting is way too bright. It’s almost blinding and the actual character gets covered by it. Speaking of the character, I’m not sure if it’s wearing any clothes or not LOL (it probably is right?) It’s also glossy, the sword is glossy too, and the shovel seems to be floating.

I recommend Blender for a better background render/gfx!

Other than that, I like the feel and calm vibe of the image!


lighting too bright, he;s literally at a building with no bottom, some weird shovel, and what is the sword balancing on? also the dude has no textures. none. and the character is abou tto fall off


Sorry, I forgot to explain, but the character model there is the Dummy rig.

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ah. then just worry about the posing, set design, and lighting

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Pretty much. I’m no GFX specialist, but this way my best and first design for personal.

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  • Shot is framed nicely. Nice use of the rule of thirds, although it would work better with a wider aspect ratio.
  • Background elements are nice. Not too distracting but still enough to populate the rest of the image. Very good.
  • Dramatic lighting. With a few improvements, this can look amazing. It’s got a few issues here and there but the idea is there.
  • Depth of Field. Nice addition of DoF. Really helps separate the subject from the background and secondary elements.


  • Sun is too bright that it washes out the rest of the items in the image.
  • Shadows are missing (although depending on the specs of your PC, that’s understandable)
  • Sword is too metallic. Since the handle is the main thing in view and not the blade, maybe make it a more rougher material.
  • Is he floating? Add a floor or put the person on a beach near an ocean so he doesn’t look like he’s one slip away from falling into the void.


  • Tone down the glare or whatever is coloring the image orange.
  • Add a floor somewhere so that the person isn’t sitting on a floating platform, or use a skybox with ground visible. If you can’t find one in the toolbox I’ll give you some resources to help.
  • Make the DoF more intense. IMO, if the sword was blurred more, it would draw more attention to the person itself.
  • Use a wider aspect ratio like 16:9.
  • Decorate the ledge a little bit. Maybe have the person sitting on a hill, or the roof of a building so he’s grounded in some sort of reality.

You can find HDRI’s (360 skyboxes) at Poly Haven, and then convert them into skyboxes at HDRI to CubeMap.


Make the ledge darker, so it doesn’t blend in with the dummy. Make the sword less shiny, and have the trowel in the dummies hand. So the background focusses more on the dummy.

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I love the way the sun shines onto the Dummies shoulder and the side of their head. In my opinion I would give this a 8/10. Keep up the good effort :+1:

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Great job! I honestly really like this.

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