I just made my first roblox shirt

This is my first shirt I have made, since I want to pursue designing.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do to improve it.


It’s a good shirt, you could improve it with a shading effect.



Oh, okay. I will try and do that next time when I am able to get used to the process because I made so much mistakes.

The area where I circled with red needs to have a different transparent background if you want their arm to be showing. Also, the area that is circled with neon green, the bottom of their hands will be purple. If you’re going for gloves you should probably make it so it’s on the avatar’s wrist a little bit. Sorry, if that sounds a bit confusing. Other than that great job on your first shirt! :slight_smile:

I completely forgot about the hands, sorry I really need to improve a lot but thank you!

There’s no need to apologize. Good luck and no problem.

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Not bad for your first shirt. If you practice enough and watch tutorials you’ll improve so much in no time!

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You might want to add a neck hole in case someone using a package with a space between the head and torso (ex. woman) wants to wear it.

Your first design looks pretty good, and there is plenty of room for improvement.

The first step to improving is making sure that you fully understand your editing software and how it’s used.
When you are ready to start making your clothes make sure to start with something simple. I highly recommend that you look on youtube and or reach out to fellow clothing designers for tips.
From here on out make sure to add small details like shading, adding a neck hole and deleting unwanted areas.

Based off of what I see off of your design you may need to add a neck hole and remove the colors at the bottom of the hands unless if it’s intended to be gloves.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me or reply to this post.

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I advise putting it on a showcase. Anybody could really just save the shirt and publish it to Roblox. Here’s the showcase I use.Mannequin|270x265