I just made this art for fun feedback?

just decided to go into photopea and make some art lol, im quite proud of it.

UPDATED from y’all feedback


Try making the text brighter. I can’t really see the text.

EDIT: It’s fixed, good work!

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A good start, but the next would need to be more visible. Maybe a red tint if it’s defeat, or similar.

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Great start!
I think everyone is going to agree with me, If I write you need to make the text brighter.
I don’t exactly know If this was the purpose, but If not, make sure to make it brighter!

I would recommend to make the text more bright grey and keep the texture transparent or darker to match the background.

Wish you the best of luck and keep your good work!

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I didn’t make this for anything so I didn’t put a lot of time into it but heres what I changed.

A little more visible on the text, I agree with everyone

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Looks Great!! Keep up the good work :muscle:

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