I just published a game , can someone check it out and give your opinion?

There is still a lot to be implemented , but I decided to publish the game as it is just to get impressions and players.

What are your thoughts on my game?
Do I need to improve the ‘tutorial/help’ system?


A couple of notes after trying the game:

UI/UX and Bugs

  • There are some small changes that I’d make to the UI. Adding a bit of a gap between the mute button and the side of the screen would be nice.
  • Some of the buttons seem to be different in style (no outline like the car icon vs a light outline with the help icon)
  • I had an issue where the Car, News, and Help UI was not working. The output in the developer console was VehicleSeat is not a valid member of Model in my player’s GUI.

Game Design

  • It seems weird to directly drop the player on top of a popup UI - maybe consider moving the spawn just a bit back?
  • A 5 minute auto-save is a bit awkward - do you think that you could make it a bit more often?
  • I don’t see a need for the “order” system, especially at the beginning of the game and without a car. Perhaps some features can be locked behind some more progression (e.g. disable orders and tell the player “You need to purchase a car before you can fulfill orders!”)

My biggest gripe by far is that the world is a bit uninspired in terms of building. While the office building itself and the models inside are pretty detailed, the city (at least in the main part) is a lot of apartment buildings that look similar. You could consider adding a couple of different buildings to spice things up.

Overall, I like the game concept, and I would say that it separates itself from the standard simulator by a decent amount. I would tweak a couple of things, as I’ve stated above, but it’s in a good place currently. Keep it up!


You should develop some sort of anti-hack. There was a hacker on my server (soralino) as seen here:


oh my god , how the #### did he manage to hack my game?
I literally did everthing to stop it from happening … well , time to ban him


Thank you so much!
I already fixed some of the problems .
Your feedback is greatly appreciated! :heartbeat:

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Hey I checked out your game!

First of all I love the idea, very cool. I love pressing random keys while I’m “working” that seriously made me laugh, that was a really fun idea! I love that creativity!

A brief tutorial would be really helpful, I was able to figure things out relatively easy, but I mean… I do play A LOT of games on here lol It may not be so easy for new or younger users.

I agree with what others have mentioned above, the map could use some variety, maybe a little more detail. But I think you have really done a great job setting up the map and it’s pretty big (not a bad thing) but getting around to make deliveries without a car was a little rough and could be discouraging. Maybe add a “Cheap” first car players can purchase early on, but would obviously need to upgrade to encourge players to purchases “better/more efficient” cars as soon as they can afford it!

There was definitely a hacker on the server I was playing in, I took some screenshots for you. He bought almost every office building around where I spawned and then continued to buy the offices across the street! lol This feature could be pretty discouraging to players, maybe consider setting a limit to how many offices a player can purchase/own.

I’m sorry this review went on for so long, but honestly GREAT JOB! especially as a solo developer! Please keep us posted, I’d like to see the updates you make, I think you’ve got a great game in the making!


Thank you very much for your review!
I actually updated the game , but the server take some time to replace the old one to the new one. I had no idea how the hacker bought multiple offices. The limit is 2 per office type. I can clearly see the hacker own more than that. I implemented an anti exploit system of my own , I hope it work as there is not much a Dev can do to this type of hacker.

Thank you again , I will update the game again and again so it will become better :smile:


lol I know! Hackers will always find a way! :rofl:

Best of luck with your project!


The exploiting issue might be because of insecure RemoteEvents, I’m not sure though as I cannot see what you used/did here for all the stuff.

Yeah, I was right. When I searched up for scripts for this game I saw one that catched my eye, I do not use scripts nor exploit so I don’t know if you patched this but here:

 local args = {
    [1] = 900000000,
    [2] = 900000000


I hope you patch it!

Oh my god , how did you find this?
I literally changed it a bit and there are already this…

The solution here is changing the “Remotes” folder’s name into something a script executor cant identify and will instead say “?”, of course normal roblox scripts will still work.

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The touch of this feel fine. I rather say you deserve feedback.

I honestly think it’s great! I’m not much of a great game developer yet, but I feel like this is great compared to some.

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While the game runs fine, I was kind of confused upon joining the game, perhaps a small tutorial showing newer users what to do like when they join the game (pressing continue then a tutorial pops up showing a bit of information knowledge to the user. The UI seems a little too tight and not properly centered you should try fixing that include (x) button so users could exit the “helping guide”.

When viewing different items from customers it could be quite hard and long delivering product around the city area you could include a 2x running sprint or something that won’t take long delivering items around the entire city. I assume that’s what the car are for, the gameplay runs neat, I didn’t expect any type of problem and it looks quite enjoyable.

It is much easier to add some sort of exit button that will allow you to close gui easier it depends if there is a shortcut to exiting the gui?

In my own opinion, Currently the items you could purchase are quite expensive include very beginner items for users to achieve so they’ll be able to offered the large amount of items. I feel like there’s a better phrasing to use in this though, since Currently [35k] doesn’t make it seem like a starter - beginner car.

Otherwise the game play looks good holds small amount of details, but there are a few things which could make the game pop more for new users to enjoy ad gather there player experience. Pick or add whatever things you think best suits your own liking.

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Thank you , I will decrease the car cost and make a better tutorial system :smile:

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Wow! Really nice game, it would definitely have more visibility if there was an entire team working on the game… the work flow and updates would be really smooth.If you want I can help, but of course you don’t need to :slight_smile:

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Such a fun game to play nice job!

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