I just released a classic-style horror game on roblox and I want to get feedback on making my game popular and improving it. Creation

The game is called “Thalassophobia” and its about sailing in a deep ocean and finding coordinates to different islands. I’ve put a link here so you can test it out if you want:

Thalassophobia - Roblox.

Does anyone have any ideas of youtubers who I can contact to play my game? Or ways other than ads, since I currently have an ad going for 1k robux?


My first impressions are: d a m n. Im gonna finish the game later, i have no time rn, and i will provide even more feedback later. For a game made in 3 weeks, it is really good. What i always see in games by small developers are the ui scaling incorectly - most of the time. Here it is perfect. I like the story telling - even tho i didn’t finish it and as mentioned i will later. I need to say 1 thing… R O B U X. You spelled Robuxs instead of Robux. Just a small thing. But i really love the old design and the enviroment lighting. It is really good.

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small games tend to have more trouble getting a following, but if you can, i recommended creating some sort of channel where you can post devlogs on ur game. this will help small youtubers take notice of your game, and then eventually bigger ones!

also, i haven’t finished the game but if theres monsters, you should make it so your characters heart starts to beat if they are near one

overall, very good game