I keep finding strange scripts, what is the source?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Over the past few weeks I have been noticing scripts inserted into areas of my workspace.

  2. What is the issue? I am finding scripts called debounce and fix and welding and sometimes empty in some places such as:
    Dialog (which I found in terrain that was also inserted)
    Sever Script Service
    In regular Scripts
    In scripts that have been inserted
    and some other things.

3. What solutions have you tried so far? I have searched but found nothing relevant on developer hub I usually delete the scripts as they have no effect visible when in the game or deleted.

They always are empty or say:

-- This is a Roblox studio script do NOT delete this

Any help similar instances or sources of these scripts and there purpose would be aappreciated :grinning:
Edit: These scripts are always normal (not local nor module)


They may be empty, or say that it is a Roblox script (which is a lie) but sometimes if you scroll down, up or horizontally, you may see some code that is intended to be a backdoor for your game. Is this place-specific, or has it been happening with other games too?

The source may be a malicious plugin that you have installed in studio. Try disabling each plugin and when you do, delete the scripts and restart studio for each plugin you’ve disabled. Eventually, you’d find the cause of it which may be a unofficial plugin or something, then you can report it for it to be removed from the marketplace


This happens in most places I make I will check to look for code.

I’ve seen these before. It’s caused by a malicious plugin. If you scroll down you’ll see it requiring a module. That module loads scripts into your game allowing people to exploit it with ease.
It is very important that you remove all these scripts and check your plugins to find which one is causing it.
Each time you open studio one of these scripts will be added into the workspace so check for them every time before publishing.


They are all 403 lines long and have no other code in them that I can see other than that comment.

Look for scripts that has require(number) setfenv() getfenv(). If its not written by you. Delete it. Since they can be backdoors that allows Exploiters to take Control over your game

Ok So do I just delete the plugin or deactivate it?

Make sure to scroll along horizontaly. I assure you that they will have the words
Require(random numbers)
Somewhere in the script. You need to check your plugins and remove any of them that do not seem legitimate.

Ok I found getfenv what does that do?

You need to uninstall the plugin. Check the publishers of the plugins and make sure they are legitimate. Also think about which ones you installed around the time you noticed these scripts appearing

That allows scripts to be added to your game. It’s very common for installing backdoors into your game. These scripts need to be removed

Just to confirm:

  1. Delete all scripts
  2. Uninstall A plugin
  3. Go back on to roblox studio to see if the scripts are back
  4. if they are uninstall another

Pretty much. You need to locate the plugin which is causing this if you want it to stop

Look at all your Plugins and see if they are Developed by a Trusted Developer.

Show us your plugins so we know which is malicious.

getfenv gets the current environment in use, and this function is mainly used to access your variables


  1. Disable a plug-in
  2. Delete scripts
  3. Restart studio
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 until the scripts stop appearing

Always check to see if the plugin is legitimate, official, and is from a trusted developer. If you can’t confirm these when installing a plug-in, then don’t install it

I’ve found that the scripts installed by the plugin are often called:

  • fix
  • welding
  • debounce
  • antilag
  • no name( like literally no name)

Use them to search the workspace as well

I just deleted one then I got A message at the top of studio, where the game is. Say Studio essentials has been deleted by user restart studio, this message will dissapear in A minute. Is that Ok for it to do that?

It should be. What was the plugin that you deleted?

Studio essentials. It was not the one making the scripts but the fact that after being uninstalled it showed the message made me wonder if I need to report it aswell.

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