I keep getting banned for an audio

I got banned for 7 days (1 day in the first attempt of uploading) in my main account because I tried uploading a FNF Instrumental
I tried everything, lowering the volume, etc.
I uploaded the same instrumental in a throw away acc and it got approved but when I tried uploading the same file to my main it got rejected and got me banned.

This is the audio I am talking about: ( Volume aint lowered since I am writting this at school)

Like cmon man, theres no bad words in the song…

The instrumental got a v2 that has bad words but this is the first version which doesn’t

This is just silly and the moderation bot sucks


Getting banned or even warned always sucks, I understand your pain.
I can’t access the file and listen to it, but i think if it’s something like distorted electric guitar or distorted bass the ROBLOX never likes it.
You can try filtering high frequencies in audacity, or smth like that, but do it only on throwaway account. Create a group if you want to share assets or allow usage on your main account’s place in audio permissions.
Also if something like this got passed, don’t try it again just for the sake of it. :smile:
I once uploaded an shirt that had image of my friend that looked like Tom Holland and it passed only one time in six attempts. I nearly got banned for it.

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Updated the google drive link, you should try now

thats where you hit up support, and not risk your entire account because you keep uploading moderating content. that’s the most idiotic move you could do

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I keep getting the same bot message over and over

I listen to the audio, it’s probably because of the AUGHHH sfx.
As Moderator Note says:

Roblox does not permit uploads of audio that is unintelligible, excessively loud, screaming or high-pitched noises.

It is unintelligible because you can’t really hear any lyrics in the song
Screaming probably because roblox mods don’t know about goofy ahh memes. :sad:


The instrumental is just goofy sfxs so I guess thats what triggered the bot.
Even tho the volume of the uploaded audio had was not high, it was not exactly as loud as the original one (google drive one)
I guess I gotta wait this full week just to return to development and roblox support bot’s answers wont work.

Do you still have access to that account? You can give access to use it in your games on you main account in audio settings

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I dont think I remember the username since it was just spam but when I arrive home I could check my browsing history and try to find it.
Also, the throw away account will need studio perms since last time i tried giving perms for an audio to a friend it didnt let me.

Message the mod review request team on the DevForum the asset ID. Not too sure how they’d help with a ban, but they’ve helped me countless times with meshes, textures, etc.

Message the entire group the ID and just explain what it is. I usually get a response within half a day ish~