I made a 1700s-style boat! Opinions? [New Edit]

I’ve had some previous modelling experience, but this is my first time making something sailing-based. What are your thoughts, and how could I possibly improve upon it? Note that the interior isn’t finished, I’ll add screenshots of that when it’s done.

Edit: here’s the interior, as promised!


Looks great can’t wait to see the interior!

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that looks awesome!! especially for a first time build


Mhm, I did have experience with other low-poly builds, but this style / theme was a first. The hardest part in my opinion was the body itself, I couldn’t get the rotation and curves on it right for ages, lol.

I think the lighting in the inside could be a little more realistic if that’s what you were going for. Other than that, I like it.

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By realistic, do you mean the Technology? The colours? The lantern model?

The lantern model. At least from a picture perspective, it kind of just looks like a square/rectangle. Although I could be mistaken by it.

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I was trying to make it most performance efficient by keeping it (very) simple, but I’ll see what I can make in place of it!

I remade the lanterns, how does it look now? (I’m trying to keep it low poly/part)

I think it looks nice. Both were nice but it’s also your preference.

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Omg- it looks very great. It’s just amazing keep doing