I made a click noise

I made a click noise with my mouth:

How did I do?


Hahaha lol it sounds cool nor does it look like it was made with the mouth.

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Cool, there is a slight saliva sound in the very beginning. You may want to cut that out


That sound is intentional, it is supposed to be the mousebutton1down.

sounds like something i’d hear from a tablet from 2015 after opening an app


Yeah, an android 4 sound. Is cool.

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Great! That is the sound I was going for lol.

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Clicks Tongue Noice

Wow you legit did that LOL I’m impressed

It really gets the silly “click” feel to it, nice job!

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Are you serious? Did you really make that sound with your mouth?


It sounds like it would be perfect for a button with a cartoony theme!

I like it, it’s cool what you can do using your body

me too i also made pop sound


Cool, I like that!!!

I rate it 10/10 could be 11/10 if it was louder

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Hm, are you sure? It’s like you are getting ready to make that noise but I hear the saliva in ur mouth kind of noise.

It is supposed to sound like this:
mouse opening noise, pop

That’s pretty hard to ignore if I’m gonna be honest

ok i tried to do my own pop sound, ignore my notifications