I made a command which will help you weld things in your building faster

local stufftoremove = {} for i,v in pairs(game.Selection:Get()) do if v:IsA("BasePart") and #v:GetJoints() >= 1 then print(v.Name) table.insert(stufftoremove,v) end end game.Selection:Remove(stufftoremove)

Have the base or the primary part of your model already attached to another part by default, make sure it is welded.
Type this in command. Click a model and select all the children. Hit enter on the command, the unwelded parts will be selected. Now just drag the parts up and make sure join surfaces is on and then drag the parts back down. Repeat the process until there are no more parts able to be selected.

Hope this helps leave a heart so others can see it.

While you can do this, there’s plugins that do this same thing with a gui and no copy paste command.

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No. Those plugins while they do work they don’t make sense in how they weld things. Their welding is random.

With this command bar you can weld each individual part starting from a center point so it feels more ordered

Moon animatior’s easy weld will weld all parts to a single part though.

This command will help you weld every part next to each other.
whereas If you welded all the parts of something to 1 part then it’s going to look weird when the supporting base of the part breaks off for some reason and ur left with hovering parts in mid air still attached to that single part.