I made a cool midtown cafe

Hey, so I made this cafe entirely out of parts and texts (and a couple other things). Tell me if anything is missing or needs more work. I spent about 10 minutes making the main structure of the cafe, so it doesn’t have THAT much effort.

To be clear, the cafe is not the only thing I made! I also made a whole town with it! (I’m still working on making it bigger so there’s more space)

I will take any opinion you wanna state, but make sure to specify why so I can improve it!

(The cafe is also recognized as a biker hangout, thats why its so ‘messy’.)

A screenshot from the front of the cafe. (outside)

A sign that reads “best food since 1567”. (Inside)

Screenshot of the back of the cafe. (outside)

A mysterious vault in the back (or a food source :eyes:) (outside)

A dance club I’m working on as well (in town)

The entire cafe (from a birds eye view)


It gives Roblox 2014 vibes! I suggest adding some more detail to the interior, like wall frames and such. Very nostalgic style!

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Looks great, and rustic! I love it, and I get a 70s’ vibe from it! :heavy_heart_exclamation: :slight_smile:

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