I made a CUSTOM ForceField

I made a custom forcefield for who hate original one.
The code contains explanation and does not contain Viruses (Beacuse it has only 1 script)
Link: Im a Link
I made it but Its my DevForum account.

Video (I cant upload cuz Its too big i think)

Change properties of Part -> Attachment -> Bolts for make cool effects!


I havent got time to download and add this soz, maybe a video whould be nice to show the forum…

sure i can make a vid about it

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Sweet cant wait to see it in action :smiley:


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yeah really great stuff!, hopefully your get the likes and attention you deserve now :slight_smile: Still might even be worth putting up a couple of pictures, you do need to sorta advertise what you’ve done or no-one will know… But yeah looks really good, i might have to download it now i know its soo cool!

thank you so much :slight_smile:

This was created by a user called gkku


i know i just made a script i dont own the particles.

Then you should specify that in your post, rather than letting people think that you created something you didn’t