I made a Face Rig in Blender

Hello everyone, So I’ve been modeling for a few months now and I’ve decided to make it for my game.

Ignore the animation since this is a showcase of the FaceRig itself and not my bad animation capabilities.

V1 - Absolute garbage, But I have absorbed the workflow nutrients.

V2 - I improved a lot on this version.

V3.1 - Latest Version

Granted it has 20k tris, I would have to recreate it from scratch and it’ll probably not be as smooth as it is in blender ingame.

It originally has 6k tris without subdivision modifer

So I’ll probably wait for PBR textures to be added.

This is also for my upcoming game “Plub Cenquin” this are Puffles from the old MMO game Club Penguin or Fupples since copyright.


Wow! This is really nice progress. I hope to see you get more recognition in the future!

How did I not see this post, its great man keep up the great work your obv going places

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