I made a fanart gfx, is it good enough?

How does my gfx look? I made this for a game I like to play. Is it worrthy to be in a game with like 120 players in the game on average? (I’ve made about 7-9 GFX Designs)

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  • Maybe, (comment)

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It looks pretty good, but 2 things:

  1. Is this supposed to be a thumbnail or a game cover? The dimensions don’t seem to match either of them, so unless it’s made to be on an ingame poster (where dimensions don’t matter), then I would probably change it to work with roblox’s recommended dimensions.

  2. Bendy limbs seem to be the meta for professional gfx these days, so I would recommend experimenting with them or watching some tutorials to get them implemented.

I do like the style without the face though, pretty nice.

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Very nice, although the arm with the knife does look a bit off. I suggest you reposition the arm so it does not look out of place.


It’s an R6 avatar, and I made this in studio. @ImperfectWorkclock I might do that, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Oh, didn’t realize it was posed in studio, my bad. If you do plan on going further with your GFX, I would totally recommend rendering your avatars in Blender or Cinema 4D.

Haha, I’ll probably give blender a shot soon! Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a tip: Blender does tend to be confusing to use at first. Watch A lot of tutorials, and play around with blender on your own to get the hang of it

The character looks stiff, lighting is weird, and the right arm looks out of place.

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It does not look “good”. ROBLOX Studio isn’t that good of an engine to create graphic design, for that I suggest Blender.

I personally think it doesn’t look attractive to me, but to others maybe.

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