I made a fps game in 5 minute, what do you think about it

I made this fps game in 5 minute so it’s really bad but it still works, what do you think of it is it bad, good, fine, okay?. obviously I used a free model for the fps gun because I only had 5 minutes.


Regarding the free model stuff It’s pretty interesting to say the least! Though a couple things to tweak I think:

  • The damage for the guns seem a bit too high, you can literally 3-shot someone with a 31 size magazine

  • 1 Spawn Point with no FF protection to protect yourself from spawn-killing could softlock yourself pretty harsh if you’re not careful enough

  • Map feels a bit strange (Then again it was made in 5 minutes)

  • The Menu Gui is definitely bland, might wanna consider revamping that in your own spare time

All of this made in a quick span of time though, it’s pretty fine!

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Thx for the feedback

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should I actually make it good by adding a better main menu and a better map and other things

Yeah, if you’re not gonna rush & do it in your own time feel free to make whatever you wanna tweak!

I did make an actual fps game I spent 8 months on

You should consider adding team players to it. (I’m pretty sure there are no teams since I was playing it and it was all free for all)

You should also consider adding random spawns around the map instead of one area. Just like how it was previously mentioned earlier. Don’t make the spawn too big either, you should just hide it/make it invisible.

Overall, keep up the great work.