I made a free cartoon inspired GUI

Hi, I made another free GUI pack in a sort of cartoony simulator inspired way. Its a bit dark unlike most simulator GUIs but I have the file in PSD, and a lot of everything is pretty customizable and organized well. I hope you enjoy it! The design and layout of everything was heavily inspired by GFX comet on youtube.

Cartoon-UI < Download link

Inventory Frame

Warning Prompt Frame

Twitter Code Frame

Daily Rewards Frame

Basic Frames and buttons

LeaderBoard Frame

Square Inventory Frame

loading bar


Wow this is awesome though one question, what’s the font you used for the UI?

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amazing. just amazing. i love it1 :smiley:

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Sorry I forgot to put that in aswell, Its Super Mario 256 Font

Super Mario 256 Font | dafont.com Heres the font link

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That’s some neat GUI design, but I would be wary with that typeface. Nintendo originally made it and I don’t think it’s public domain.

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Wow. This is awesome thanks for the font!

The link to the UI…


Put the UI package as a free model on Roblox and link it instead?

I like especially the fact that there’s “shadow” behind the GUIs.


hmm interesting this is weird it does not show on my screen, though a free model would be helpful i suppose.

Overall the design looks pretty good, but I feel there are some things that could be changed.

In the daily reward frame the coins & jewels appear to be too close to the text. I feel like it would look better if they were in the middle. It’s more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion.

Everything else looks incredible. If you have any questions and or concerns, please feel free to message me!


Wow, it looks incredible! Keep up the amazing work!