I made a game about climate change, please send feedback

I Made a Game About Climate Change

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Recently I heard about the wildfires happening or did happen in Alaska, all of the west us including Alaska. Mediterranean Europe, Siberia, Australia, and the Amazon Rainforest are also having wildfires unlike seen before. Also I heard about mass reef bleaching, less snow on mountains, more intense heat waves, more flooding, worse wildfires, arctic melting, forests not growing back, global droughts, extinction of more wildlife, methane hydrates shooting up from the ocean, ocean drifts weakening, permafrost melting, and it speeding up of climate change uncontrollably.

That is so much for a teenager to have to take. Many of them feel helpless and despair over Climate Change. They also feel like people in power don’t care about Climate Change. It has gotten so bad that many people just gave up on trying to help the planet. We only have six years before it gets to the point of no return. I for once felt this grief, I felt like no matter what I did nothing would ever work. The news was so hopeless and grim about climate change. It took awhile for me to realize that news is grim to keep people hooked to it. It sure did work on me. Later I turned that grief into creation. I made a game on roblox called climate change. It starts with a healthy looking forest, though there are some flaws. The game used to have three places, Bad Ending, Wildfire, and Drought land. I later decided to make someplace called a secret place, it’s a place where you can go to find other places like a reef, mountain, and even a town. This game has taken all summer to make and it’s a rather simple layout, go to places and find badges. As of August, 16, 2021, this game has 11 badges. The climate change message needs to spread more.

Let me know your feedback.


This game is really good, my only feedback is to add a loading screen, it takes about a minute to load everything for me

Thank you for letting me know, that information is pretty important.

i kinda like this game altough i feel there could be a little more engagment to the game also when the climate changes i dont like the idea of it taking you to another place because for the fire one with the gender reveal it got me confused for a sec why nothing was changing but then i got teleported in 1 minute

It’s awesome that you considered climate change at all for a topic in a game. It’s a real world issue, so incorporating it into one of the most game engines is a smart idea.

The climate change is amazing love the terrain and tree, the game is awesome about Wildfire problems! Nice work on this one.

its referencing the gender reveal wildfire that happened.

thank you so much, this means a lot

Thanks, climate change keeps me up at night sometimes, I had to turn worry into something

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yeah, i’m going to need to fix the teleportation thing

well maybe you could add a gui to make the player take their mind about the teleport service loading screen

thats true, I could make that happen