I made a game and I need help on what I can Improve on it

Hello! I made a game cald battle heights, I want to see what you guys think I can Improve on it.

The game is supposed to be a fighting game, random maps will be generated and your supposed to have to battle other players with items like Swords, Slingshots, and more!


Really good concept for a game other than that I would say that you should try to make your own tools instead of using ROBLOX free models :+1: :grinning:

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Ok I will, I will learn how to model a sword and other stuff, thanks for the feedback!

no problem happy to help :grinning:



Screenshot 2021-03-28 115929 image

WIP for a katana that will be in the shop when I make on

Woah you did a great job with those models :grinning: but i think the katana should be a bit more straight it looks a bit out of place other than that its perfect

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