I made a game like Corridor Of Hell, feedback?

I have been creating a game like Corridor Of Hell to practice my skills, here is the game so far: tunnel obby - Roblox
The game is not done yet however I have all the features ready except for a shop and saving. Plus, I will be adding more stages. I would like to hear your feedback on the game! :slight_smile:



I like it, however UI can be improved, music would be nice, a settings menu, that sort of stuff.

But it’s off to a great start! :smiley:


Okay, I will work on that! Thank you for the feedback!



I think that it is built well and the levels are good. However, on some colors(especially blue) the radiance of the lava mixes in with the lava on the floor and it makes it really difficult to tell a kill brick from a normal part.


When I was playing the game I didn’t see the game bug out or anything, it ran smoothly.


  • Add more levels
  • Again make the kill bricks less radiant
  • Make the UI smaller

Thank you for the feedback, I will work on making the kill bricks more visible.

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On first
This game is very good,i didn’t found a bug or free models so GoodJob!
I saw that the developer put a lot of effort because it’s not easy to make a game like that and it’s very appreciable
I hope there will be more stage because there are not many stage there is 3 maybe 4
The game has been developed with a lot of effort so we can appreciate the developer in qustions, he did not put FreeModels wich shows a,goodwill on the part of the developer.
So GoodJob :partying_face:

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Thank you for letting me know! I will add more stages, I accidentally deleted one of them.

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I think you should make a script which would not have too many repeated stages, like if a stage happened remove the chances of stage coming, the slowly increase the chances.

Otherwise, it’s really good

Okay, I am going to update the game in a sec with the floor lava changed to a different color to make it more visible against the other lava parts.

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The game is very well made, everything is working perfectly. One feature I could suggest is, add things to buy with coins/cash that you have made. I’m not sure if you have made a shop, but I cannot find it, so if you have, add directions to get to it, and if not, making one would be beneficial. Good job!

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A shop is something I am working on adding, thanks for your feedback!

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That’s so cool!! I like it!!!

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