I made a harpoon, i think

guys i made a harpoon-like weapon

feedback appreciated


inspired by mortem metallum style weapons

I like it but i think it should have whale blood on the end so its cooler in my opinion

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man, this harpoon is for war actually

am thinking about making spear, but its kinda not good. so i just made a war harpoon

Oh well it would be cool to make harpoon gun then so it’s more warish

Nice job lol, seems like one of the level-unlockable weapons I’d find in Phantom Forces.

I can just imagine someone using it to server-wipe a session just by poking them with the end of it hehe

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i wish stylis studio accept my models tho

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harpoon gun, i could make it but i need to hink da concept

i also made a weapon that is like caestus or maybe it is a caestus

It’s really good but if you look the cone/spike is off-center, that’s all I have to add.


im tryna improve it later

min characters