I made a horror game called Stolen!

I made a horror game, this game idea was by Eastan_Man. Please leave feedback! Stolen - Roblox


Haha! Too bad for you! I don’t make any sounds at a jump scare, only a flinch! But in all seriousness, It’s a cool little game, the jump scares are mostly sound, not anything visual. I literally shiver harder than the jump scares make me flinch, which isn’t something you want to do when you’re making a horror game. Though the scare factor of the game comes from anticipating the jump scares, not the jump scares them selves. Overall very nice, cool story, and very interesting. I personally think you can make an equally scary game tons of vision, no fog, no ambience just a setting with some spook to it.


→ unnecessary exposition at the start. It’s generally best if you leave environmental clues for horror games like these.

Oh dude I see the blood and first thing I’m gonna try to do isn’t find a key, it’s gonna be to bash that door in. (Interesting idea for a game over. Game Overs are useful for increasing stakes, there is something that can be lost so be careful.)
Who the F### goes “Who is this guy” after seeing a potential hallucination, I see that and I’m gonna be saying “WHA- ,ayo what’s going on, is this real, this can’t be real”
^ Now you may respond differently to this but show at least some emotional reaction for you to get tied too.

Seeing this here genuinely made me say “ayo what the fuck is going on”

This game is less scary then criminality and that’s not even meant to be a horror game. Look at some tutorials of how to make things scary, (I made one if you wanna check it out) and analysis of what makes things scary.
I’d say alota this is due to character having literally no reaction to those things and also because those things don’t effect me at all. Like I’m not scared when seeing them because I know they don’t mean anything, there is no threat. Alota horror games make you fear certain stimuli by showing them before encounters where bad things can actually occur.

ALSO jumpscares can be used as punishment for doing wrong things. Thus increasing tension as most players wouldn’t want to experience it again.

Omg it’s the one radio in literally every roblox horror game ever!

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