I made a kind of realistic Black Hole!

hey there
so i was testing the glass material so im not a builder so i wanted to build something thats when i saw that glass has a wacky and weird effect if it was on a sphere so i made a black its not perfect and it doesnt use equations to make

so i made that using an inverted sphere mesh with glass material,reflection to 1 and transparency to 0.1
here is the game file if anyone wants
blackhole.rbxl (55.2 KB)


Aren’t black holes meant to be fully black because you know… even light gets destroyed in a black hole?


yeah i couldnt completely make it black even though the part color is black
but its a good start if youre making a space themed game

i wish roblox let us edit shaders

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Not exactly, there’s a ring of light around it which is how they took a picture of a black hole: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/chandra/news/black-hole-image-makes-history

So this glass is kinda wrong with the light in the middle but it’s still cool!

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tbh not all black holes have an accretion disk


Where did you find that picture and learn that?

And also, without the disk, how did they take the picture?

some black holes have disk and some dont you know what i mean

there are alot of types of black holes in the universe

Thanks! I can’t believe I didn’t know this!

lol haha if you played elite dangerous you would know its a good space exploration game if you have so much free time to waste while doing something knowledgeable

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Is it a game on roblox? It sounds like two of my favorite thinks put together! (Video games and space)

no its a different game and its 30$ but there is an alternative in roblox called starscape sadly starscape doesnt have black holes instead they have fictional wormholes and they are very rare

Ok, I’ll play the roblox one when I’m done with my homework!

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I really recommend playing Starscape, it’s a very good game, especially for Roblox. It’s still in Beta but it’s very good. The creator of it is also in this year’s Accelerator program.

Here’s an overview of the game: you can do PvP, industrial stuff, explore, and much more. (In my opinion it’s a Roblox version of Eve Online). And even better, it has no gamepasses which means it’s not P2W.


What’s the Accelerator program?

The Accelerator program is an event that Roblox hosts where Roblox gathers a few top developers and helps them improve their game. The Roblox Team will provide support to the participants and the participants will be paid by Roblox until the program ends (so that you treat working on your game as if it were a real job).

Cool! Thanks for telling me, now it’s my new goal!

Definitely pretty cool. Especially with the feedback you’ve gotten from others and new knowledge, I would love to see where this ends up!