I made a literal bed

came up with an idea. yawns… a mimir


That bed would basically burn if it was real. :joy:

I would push the bed back a little bit so the sparks touch the legs of the bed.


No one can sleep with that much noise
cool effects :star_struck:


I can’t stop laughing, they should add this bed mode in Super Mario Kart game :joy:

Good job making this :+1:t2:


Poor guy, he must have had a movemented sleep.

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How did you do it, did you use a seat?

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ive never used a normal seat before

Ok but why isn’t the bed going 0.1km/h

I hate it but I also love it LOL

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My question is how did you get the player to be in that position and orientation?

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i made laying animation. thats all

Your cart game seems very fun to play!:slight_smile:

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I am never going to sleep again!!

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oh ok, so it stays in the same position as the final keyframe?

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it’s basically idle animation.

yo what am I even seeing :heart:

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This made my day lmao
Well done mate. :clap:

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So I got distracted by the game your game is really great! And it looks quite fun to play consider making it game and buy ads for it.


My parent salways tol me i cant be able to go anywahere if im in bed…
But they are proven wrong…

This vehicle is my dream come true


Wake me up, wake me up!!!
Might want to take a driving license after that one.

Cool car! Or bed! I like both!

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I’ve been seeing this stuff on your youtube channel, finally some sleepy times