I made a local parts tutorial

Hey there, recently I uploaded a video on how to make local parts. I used two methods of doing this, shown in the video below. I’d love some feedback on this!

Few suggestions:

  1. Can already be done by just using filtering enabled
  2. Easily done with collision groups
  3. Not using filtering enabled is just bad if you are making a non experimental game

Hey, I’ve just watched your video! There’s a few things I wanted to point out to you.

Firstly, I’d advise against placing scripts in StarterGui. Ideally your client code should be placed in one of the following containers.

  • StarterPlayerScripts
    • Persistent, it does not reset when the player resets.
    • Code will be replicated with standard priority and run straight away.
  • StarterCharacterScripts
    • Dynamic, it resets when the player resets.
    • Replicated at the same time as StarterPlayerScripts, will run every time the character spawns.
  • ReplicatedFirst
    • Persistent, it does not reset when the player resets.
    • Replicates before anything else when loading the game, code will run before code elsewhere.

StarterGui is not consistent in it’s behavior and is designed for GUIs, you should avoid placing any scripts there.

Secondly, you used CurrentCamera for local parts. While this is a valid solution it’s not officially endorsed by Roblox therefore it may break in the future. Furthermore I believe you should encourage the use of filtering in places, while it may seem more complicated at first, it’s only going to cause a lot of confusion if they learnt not to use it, later on.

Finally, you used a VIP door as an example, all an exploiter has to do is delete the part in order to gain access to a room. There are plenty of other practical uses for them which I would advise looking at, otherwise you can end up teaching bad practices to users. As a side-note the door situation using this method is achievable, but you need to do sanity checks on the server to check where the character is. If they are in the room when they shouldn’t be for example then remove them from it.


This. Not using FilteringEnabled is a bad habit to get into.

Not to mention with upcoming changes, non FE games will be considered “experimental” and have no hope of gaining traction.