I made a logo that has meaning

like my previous logos that simply just say the name of the group, ive gone for a more simple design with my new group Systa.

It’s the letters SA (first and last letters of Systa)at a 90° angel, with the line in the center of the A removed and one of the little spaces in the S filled…

This is my first time designing an actual logo that doesnt just say the group name


You see the letters S and A. I see an elephant spraying water over its head with it’s mouth hanging open.


oh my god i see that too :flushed:
while making it i also saw a whale ontop


I’ve seen so many pictures like this where it looks different to some people. I first saw the elephant, but now I see the whale too.

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Well, not trying to sound harsh but its a interesting logo, I didn’t see the S or the A it just looked more like a mouth. I would suggest making the logos words vertical instead of horizontal and also making them larger. I looked at your group and it looks too small compared to the gradient background. Overall its a really neat colour design and concept. Keep it up and you could do really well. - Just my opinion.

I didn’t elaborate. Make the logo larger, vertical and I think it’ll look a lot better.

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The simplicity of the logo is very nice (especially the mild gradients in the background), but as the others mentioned the correlation to the letters SA may be a slight bit too obscure (personally I saw a tidal wave over a beach). If you want to make them more recognizable I suggest turning them upright, but if you’re fine with the letters being hidden in the picture then don’t be pressured to change it.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 1.33.22 PM
As a quick side note, the back of the S peeks slightly through the A here.

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That part was so annoying to fix, I had it zoomed in as much as I can to try and make it perfect, I probably spent more time on trying to fix the edges than the actual logo.
I ended up getting annoyed and just hoped no one would notice :joy:

remade it :sweat_smile:

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