I Made a new game (Ui Clicking Simulator)

Heres the link to the game: UI Clicking Simulator
When I was making this game I wanted it to have a classic UI look in-game and thumbnail art.
And here is what the game looks like:

Tell me what I should add to this game so I don’t run out of ideas


Hello! I just played your game, and its very simple, but fun! I find it enjoyable, and I don’t know if there’s anything else you should add. I mean there probably is, because theres endless possibilities. Maybe browse other games similar to yours for inspiration. But either of that, I look forward to playing your game more!

The concept is good, however in my opinion the UI needs more work.

I also for some reason have access to an admin panel in game, that’s abusable and needs a fix.

Yeah, I agree it needs more stuff added as well.

I fixed the admin panel for some reason it shows for other people

If it’s still causing you issues, just follow along ;

1-Put the panel in replicated storage
2- Have a server script listen for when a player joins and verifies whether they are an admin or not, and finally
3- Clone the GUI to the appropriate players who passed the condition

This should fix your issue.