I made a new GFX (this is from one month ago)

Hello Developer Forum! I made a new GFX today. I personally think this is my best GFX lighting-wise.

It’s a kid at his desk in school. How is it?

P.S. don’t give just compliments or bad critiscm i would like feedbacktoo
also sorry for not putting glass in the glasses i didnt want to do that extra work


I don’t have much to say about it, great work!

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This looks really amazing awesome job.

Love how the lighting looks for the GFX.

Keep up the great work.

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shadows look weird, pose looks weird, no bg, the desk should cover the legs since it make seat look weird. good thing is the lighting. clothes low quality 5.5/10 :))


yeah when i tried to render a background it look weird. but what do you mean desk should cover the leg? and the shadows look weird because i added like 5 lights from all different angles except the back. but yeah thanks for your feedback! I’ll make an improved render soon.

expect a new render in maybe 35 minutes (12 minutes for rendering lol)

Looks nice. The arms are not connected, but other then that, looks nice!

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Create a background for it! It always helps with the atmosphere, it also helps focus on where the light is coming from.


it didnt look right when i tried to make a background

I mean, you can always create a simple Roblox Studio background. If not, you can just take a picture from google or something and edit it in through photoshop. But still its a AWESOME gfx!

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Add 3d clothing and a lower specular for the skin, and it’s good!

I dont know if this counts but the hoodie is 3d. Yea lowering the specular would be helpful.

Yeah the hoodie is an accessory. 3d clothing is harder, yes, but it’s extremely important and can raise your value. HOW TO DO 3D CLOTH IN BLENDER 2.83 (ROBLOX) (OUTDATED) - YouTube

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i dont have photoshop, sooo yea

3d cloth too hard for me. also i didnt add specular on the skin i just added 5 sun lights

Pixlr is a good online photoshop.

Better to add a background and office tools on the desk.
I see the GFX undone so I can’t rate it.

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Though I usually don’t like GFX work, this one is simple and clean. Nice job!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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it is finished actually. he is in school also. whenever i tried to add a book or something it just looked weird and background looks weird too

Try making different textures, instead of it just being a “plastic” texture. i5k creates some great GFXs with custom textures.

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The two different overexposed light sources on both sides of the face are kinda jarring in comparison to the neutrally-lit center of the face. It’d be better to just have one light source on the face. Also, the shadowing on the hands is inconsistent. The left hand has a larger shadow than the right one when both appear to have equally sourced lighting.

Overall though, it’s not bad.

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