I made a obby which turned out to be some crazy detailed maze

As stated above I made a obby which turned into some crazy maze however here is what it looks like below.

Here my game Super Hard Obby - Roblox

Idk if you guys like it but i love the detail.

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It’s pretty good. There was a slight problem on stage 4 where I respawned inside the block (edit: apparently it’s not just on stage 4, just happened to me on stage 12), and I had to jump to get out of it and be able to move. Stage 10 was pretty difficult and long but I got it on the 3rd/4th try, and I like the train ride except for the fact that it takes 5 minutes. (Spoiler)

Thanks for the feedback very weird bugs that no one else has reported so far I will look into this.

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It was pretty fun from what I played, but the only feedback I really have is I don’t see a point in the bridge when you can just use the train to get to the next level around stage 14