I made a office for my game!

Really nice office room. I don’t have any bad feed back about the the office, good work.

Really cool office, great job :muscle:

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I would add some picture frames to make this feel more personalized, other than that, solid build!

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Looks awesome! Great job with the intricate details on the printer and PC peripherals (meant to say something in my last reply

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I got you!


wow :open_mouth: This is Awesome, But You Forgot Something :thinking: … a cup of coffee :grin:


Wow! Really good bro! I love the simplicity of the build. I recommend putting the office in an actual building to make it more of an actual showcase. btw I found the Easter :egg: :wink:

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The easter egg is a picture of you under the book right?

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The place is little for me. Try to scale a little bit.

@coefficients must be fed up with the pings they’re getting. :flushed:

Found it there is a tiny you…