I made a office for my game!

I need some feedback on a build that I made for my underground facility.

I added a tiny little easter egg. Let me know if you find it! It should be super easy! :stuck_out_tongue:



This looks great, you could add equipment like printers, water dispensers, and old phones. Good start, just little details would make the build.


Omg I totally forgot about those! I was wondering what was missing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks nice! You could add a few more stuff, but it’s not necessary! Also, the trash bin looks like it’s full of dirt. Maybe add something else?

Is this the easter egg :thinking: ?

Great work, anyway!

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Good work for the quality of the office, it just adds a smooth texture to the books and would look good

Yay! You found it!

I’m not exactly sure what material I should change the trashcan to. Maybe to slate?

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Amazing build, a roof would be nice to add to the office.

No. You’d better remove the content of the trash can. You can add things such as rotten apples, pieces of paper, etc.

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How do you make these look so good every time? Great work @Crazedbrick1!

Thanks for the feedback! I never had someone say they my builds look so nice every time! :smiley:

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I saw your other post about improving your workflow and I think you can do really good when you put your mind to it!

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After reading your comment, I really tried to do well this time. :smiley:

You did really well! I wish I could build like that!

Make sure to always practice and never give up! :smiley:

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Thats pretty cool! I think everyone would like it!
i found the east egg :slight_smile:

It looks great! Kind of reminds me of my old office at work, before starting my new job.

That being said, I would add some little details like a small desk printer/scanner, a desk phone, etc


Looks pretty nice, reminds me of MM2’s office map. :coefficients:

When I was done building this, I had that thought too. And I didn’t even know it when I was building. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ArcticStarfall and @james920003. I took your feedback and I made this!

Pay your respects to our lord @coefficients



It looks perfect, I don’t think there’s anything else to add since this is really good.

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