I made a prologue StoryLine for my DREAM game. all critiques are appreciated!

I just started learning roblox game development 2months ago. So please go easy on me. im pretty new😅. This is the link to the game: [RICE KING]Super Gift v1.1 - Roblox

The story seems interesting though I seem to be missing part of the story. I joined only to find out that we seem to have left a cave, and next thing I know, my sister got kidnapped.

My critique:

  • Link the Prolouge game, not a game that teleports you to the Prolouge game.

  • This the end?

    Either the white door entrance just doesn’t work or this is the end, if it is the end, would appreciate if there was an indicator.

  • There isn’t much design, I thought I just didn’t load but nah, there literally just weren’t any trees.

  • There’s this flying black thing that shouldn’t be there which, I’m pretty sure is for your camera cutscene

  • Either disable shiftlock or change the run button, pretty annoying having shift as run whilst also being able to go in shift-lock mode

  • Just a note for your future feedback, have a fair amount of the game completed before asking for testers. The game doesn’t have to be 100% complete, just part of the game finished like your introduction.

Also here’s some stuff that could help you on your building

Brushtool - Like a brush, you can drag your mouse and add objects or models onto the whatever you’re brushing on. You can find more if you look up Roblox studio
here’s a video showcasing other plugins that you might like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjCnX9y6zyQ

You can get more Materials to use if you go into Toolbox and search up materials. The one I most want you to use is Roblox’s Old Materials. I personally prefer using Roblox’s old mats, but feel free to use whatever.

Make use of lighting, would really up the game.

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