I made a render [again] now with people

I just made render of me and @ileccs getting caught by the police

so I would like some feedback on this ik its not the best but I would still like some constructive feedback and also I want to expand my knowledge in Graphical Art.

and yes I used custom faces (for anyone asking)

just tell me any lighting or anything that you want me to change and I can do it. :slight_smile:



You should add sun light FX and reflactance to the GFX you made because it will look better

like this?

sorry if I’m wrong I’m pretty new to rendering

not so , I mean you should add sun rays and reflactance for your characters so it would be more realistic

But I did add reflections

you can see the reflections of the guns and hands

in the 2cnd one of course

You should make characters more energetic than just slap on the face. The guy on first wielding AK-47 looks pretty off, maybe try to repose where AK-47 will be or put on his hand since it looks like he’s holding the middle of the AK-47.

Here’s an example I mean of the energetic pose.

Poses are great, the lighting is okay, it just that the person with the cyan color shirt needs more improvements. Try to pose a scared posed to suit the expression on the face. The atmosphere/theme needs more improvements, as it doesn’t suit well with the GFX. I hope you can improve more later in your future!

Rtae: 4/10

Pretty good! Continue your hard work! I like it!

can you clarify what poses the characters are making?

edit: sooo from what im getting im slapping my face after getting caught (since this guys my friend and decided to add me into this) while the other guys frozen with fear. to be honest the characters dont really seem “energetic” f ya know what i mean.